The view from on high

Yesterday I bought some wood with which to make a pair of stilts for my eight yer old daughter. I wanted to do something a little different - round poles, a platform to stand on. Height adjustable. The woiks.

Figured I'd need to get some specialist tools. Jig saw, hole cutting tool, drill (for the hole cutting tool)…Tim the Tool Man Taylor…ar ar ar ar. But as I am not a handyman I thought I should just go for some cheap Chinese tools in a big industrial looking box. How can you resit a big plastic box made to look like a big military industrial complex weapon of something or other.

Within seconds of getting it out the box the latch had broken on the heavy duty looking box. The safety cover of the jig saw snapped in half instantly. The batteries barely hold enough charge to complete more than a couple of tasks.

All in all a disappointing effort. You get what you pay for I suppose.

Remind me to avoid cheap Chinese junk again. I'll just borrow tools like everyone else.

Stilt one seems ok. It is a uni-stilt at the moment while I wait for the battery to recharge.


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