Thursday, May 08, 2008

Macintosh for the suits

I have been reading about the increasing interest in Apple Macintosh products from the corporate sector. I have always used Macs. I don't really know how people can use P.Cs. They just seem clumsy and second rate. My new MacBook pro his a thing of wonder and beauty. Aside from being faster than my old one it is pretty much the same. Of course it runs the new version of OSX. One thing I have noticed is the array of small keys (F keys?) are different. The useful F11 key on the old machine cleared all open program windows out of the way so that I could see the mess on my desktop. I miss it already.

Another thing I noticed and was impressed the reduced amount of packaging. The satchel box the unit came in seems to use about half as much cardboard and polystyrene as earlier models. Worthy of praise. I'd like to see an alternative to the polystyrene - though even the design of the protective packaging is impressive.

But back to the so-called Grey Flannel market translating its love of iPods and iPhones into an interest in Apple computers.

One part of me wants the suits to stay clear but another welcomes them into the fold. I wonder how it would affect the Apple brand. So long as they continue to walk their own path in design and ideas.

On a slightly different tack I am excitedly waiting for a book I have ordered from Amazon. It is the story of Pixar Animation. I saw it at the excellent Unity Books on High Street - Auckland's fashionable district - To Infinity And Beyond. I was tempted to buy it there and then but at $170 clams I felt restraint would be prudent. Uncharacteristic, but there you go. I checked it out on Amazon and Fishpond. By the time freight was added the price would have been much the ame as the bricks and mortar retailer. Amazon put a $72 dent in my wallet. That's a saving of nearly a hundred dollars (all NZD of course). I guess Amazon's size increases its bargaining power with suppliers. I guess I behave like any consumer when sustainability issues come up over transport. I offset my feelings of guilt by figuring that, after tax, I would produce more carbon than my share of the flight (which is coming anyway) by workuiung to earn the hundred. Ah…the twisted logic of the perplexed.

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  1. The F11 is one of my faves too.

    To get it to work on your new Mac, you need to hold down the fn key at the same time as you press F11.

    The fn key is in the bottom left of the keyboard.



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