The Get Out Clause - CCTV Video

So, we all know what a film crew costs, right? British band The Get Out Clause made the video for their song Paper by setting up their equipment in front of CCTV cameras around the UK. Data privacy legislation mean that they could request the footage from the police and councils, then edit the material together to the audio.

That's what you get when you have more CCTV cameras per head of population than any other country in the world - though I heard the Russians have installed 65,000 cameras in Moscow to combat the risk of football hooligans running wild during some big European match that is about to take place.

The Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper pointed out it was the biggest invasion since the Germans besieged the city in the second world war. Only Napoleon turned up with a larger force, in 1812, the paper noted. From the Guardian

Big Bro is watching you.

And wondering what the heck you are doing.

Now he knows.


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