Monday, May 12, 2008

Prince - the man who silenced the Internet

Here's a challenge. Find a version of Nothing Compares to You on You Tube (or anywhere) that has sound. The one artist who, seemingly has been so badly scarred by his treatment by the record business that he feels the need to control everything.

Sadly he hasn't released anything halfway decent since he resolved his issue with the cmpany that owned his name - formerly Prince - then a symbol and now, apparently Prince.

Artists need to get their heads around the web. You make your money performing. If you are an antiquity like Prince or The Rolling Stones (are they still alive?) - the vids remind us of who you were.

Don't suppress them. It's called engagement…marketing even.

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  1. Nice posts.

    The Rolling Stones have thought big and worked with Martin Scorcese to do a feature film about them. Looks good - and, like anything with Scorcese, has plenty of interpersonal and intrapersonal conflict.

    Looks good. Might see if I can see it on YouTube :)

    It's called Keep Shining, I think.


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