Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Author of your own destiny

I find it interesting how authors are becoming more responsible for promoting their own work. In a cluttered space - I don't know how many new books are published every year but I guessing that the figure is somewhere between tens of thousands and a lot.

I came across this site which showcases author websites - Books Written By. My favourite is Will Self's site. Check out his writing room. An ordinary space made interesting by the hundreds of Post-It notes. all over the walls. Slightly manic, maybe.

My method is to start writing. I, of course, am not Will Self. But I am my self, maybe we are related?

I gave a proof copy of Vanishing Act to a colleague at work to read. She told me she had read the sex scene the night before. I felt a little embarrassed - I guess one has to suffer for one's art.

Sorry, did some irony drip on you?


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