Magazine covers

national geographic cover gorilla with camera
The American Society of Magazine Editors have picked top 40 magazine covers. Some seem incredibly familiar. Iconic even. I'm not sure whether I agree with some of the choices. But, then, I'm not an editor. It's interesting the debates that rage over the choice of cover images and ideas. When we launched Idealog cover time was a fraught time. Perhaps not so much on the basis of sales but because the cover represents the magazine. The discussions were the best kind - when all of the participants passionately care about the outcome. It was fun. I recently talked to a group of design students about magazines and lined up the covers for the first fifteen issues. I have an opinion about the most successful from a communication perspective (number two with advertising legend Roy Meares - engaging) and which was least (The yellow one with the stock photo of an Asian person - generic). But I could be wrong.

idealog magazine covers Issue 1-15


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