Pecha Kucha 2.

I really enjoy the idea of Pecha Kucha. Last night I went along to my second event. It could not have been much different from the first - held at the funky Samoa House on Auckland's equally funky Karangahape Road. Last night's event had been slotted into the proceedings of the architect's conference being held at the SkyCity convention centre.

The crowd were mainly architects, I guessed - from the way they were dressed, expensively bohemian I guess it would be fair to say. There was no interval in the proceedings, so ten presenters showed 20 slides, with each slide on the screen for 20 seconds. It is an excellent format and it forces the speaker to make their point with some pace.

Of the presenters last night I enjoyed Min Hall, architect's story of her trip through the South Island of New Zealand in an aging camper van. Patrick Reynolds, photographer showed some interesting images and was an amusing fellow. Elvon Young proved, again, that technical, serious information doesn't work in this forum very well. He talked about a project in Fiji, something to do with mangroves and deltas, computer modelling and …I blowed if I know what his point was. I am sure it was some worthy research but the presentation had no focal point and I think i wasn't alone in fidgeting uncomfortably and wishing there was an intermission. (ironically his practice's website is less voluable)…and so on.
It was an entertaining evening - in a geeky sort of way. I was in the taxi for home by 10.15, so an early Friday night for a change.

I am looking for ward to the next Pecha Kucha. It is a nice idea.


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