Touchy Feely

This gives me a sense of deja vu. The shirts in the picture have a braille message on them. Which is kind of cool. They say "Don't touch the art" and are for sale, according to Trendhunter magazine, in museum shops in Europe.

It reminds me of the Christmas gift I made for The Foundation of the Blind when they were my client back in the early 90s. I made shirts for the team (mostly women) with an image of a snowy landscape (I know, not very kiwi), snow fell onto the ground - it was printed with puff ink on black. The falling snow was actually lines of Braille with the translation in small type beneath which was the lyric to a Christmas carol. It was a fun concept and the client really appreciated the thought.

I hadn't considered the downside though. The women weren't so keen on having their chest's read.

Won a gong though - and, at the time, that's what mattered to me.


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