If I was a rich man…biddybiddybiddybum

“A bachelor is a man who comes to work each morning from a different direction.”

That's a quote that I, as a confirmed bachelor, can relate to. If only in my dreams. Being single - even if I have been married a few times - is an interesting experience. One that I am only beginning to enjoy properly at the grand old age of 45.

There are benefits to couplehood or even, dare I say it, marriage. Apparently you will live longer if you are in an enduring relationship. On balance you will also live longer if you don't throw yourself in front of a train.

I watched a 60 Minutes clip about George Clooney - he's a confirmed bachelor too. But he is rich, talented and handsome. I feel sorry for him.

Why am I telling you that? Well, I am just joining some dots. I am a bachelor, Clooney is a bachelor and the quote above is about bachelors. It came to me by email from the always interesting (and sometimes strange) Monday Morning Memo from the Wizard of Ads. Sign up for it. The quote is from Sholem Aleichem - who wrote Fiddler on the Roof - which I have never seen.

Wouldn't it be great to be George Clooney - which is another dot to join. Apparently Sholem Aleichem was the Eastern European version of Mark Twain. Didn't he write the Prince and the Pauper - where two boys switch lives (the poor kid just happens to the doppelganger of the prince - and no one seems to have noticed in the crumby little principality until… you get the picture - I suppose things were easier before the tabloids put celebrity faces in everyone's face).

As it happens I can't imagine anything worse than being wildly successful with a villa on the edge of lake Como and every woman in the world panting for you…

How's my poker face holding up.

Good luck and good night.


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