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The Vet Who Did Not Vet

Remashed lyrics in pop videos

Who let the dogs out?

Lazy Sunday - On a Monday.


Magic - Tommy Cooper for Lego

Monique Rhodes and Shona Laing on Radio New Zealand

Such great heights…

Your number is up

Some things can't be summed up in bullet points

Animals, Animals, Animals activism

When I was young I was an animal

Mmmmmmichael Hill,…jeweller.

Palin as President

…And Conquered Wurrrrlds

Greenie Sees red - Sorry Ollie

Daily Show - Monday

It's not about going back. It's about going forward - why NZ Greens irrelevent

Campaigning for brands

To the barricades

Yellow Tree House Campaign

WordPress Themes - Massive News

That's so gay...

The Split

A bird in the hand…

Some news:

Sarah Palin, you little beauty.

I need a change…

Mon Ami & the Dalai Lama

Design - kids, don't try this at home

Gates and Sienfield connect with real people.

A nice PC of work

Green Slime

Just The Facts Ma'am

Compare and Contrast - Diesel Fuel for Life music

OJ Simpson Verdict - if the glove fits.

Slate parodies Loose Change. Presidential campaign parodies a presidential campaign.

Puns have a certain economy

Is Tiger Woods God?

Structured Knowledge

Interview with John Hegarty

The Meaning of Life

Classic Volkswagen Search

Gams & Gammer

More awful pizza

Only In America - Sarah Palin by Bill Maher

A Well Balanced Rock Star