The Meaning of Life

A seeker, after an epic journey to seek the meaning of life, staggered up to a dangerous mountain top and a guru, who was his last hope.

“O holy guru, I have given up everything to seek the truth, but it will all be worthwhile if you can answer my question: What is the meaning of life?”

The guru smiled and said, “My son, here is the answer you seek: Life is a fountain.”

After a long pause, the seeker shook his head. “A fountain? I have come thousands of miles to hear your words–my possessions are all gone, I’m starving, I’ll probably die on this mountain–and all you have to say is, life is a fountain?”

The guru trembled. “You mean… it’s not?”

Via Peterman's Eye

A note on the J.Peterman catalog. I have to confess it had a huge impact on me when I first encountered it in the early 90's. It showed me a conversational style of writing that doesn't hard sell can be incredibly compelling. I have long wanted the Hemmingway style cap, you know the one with the longer bill - ironically perfect if you happen to be billfish fishing in the Gulf of Mexico - think Old man and the Sea

Earnest hemmingwayHemingway's Cap.The seaman.

He probably bought his in a gas station on
the road to Ketchum, next to the cash register, among the beef jerky wrapped in cellophane. Or maybe in a tackle shop in Key West.

I had to go to some trouble to have this one made for you and me but it had to be done. The long bill, longer than I, at least, ever saw before, makes sense. Hemingway’s Cap

The visor: deerskin; soft and glareless and unaffected by repeated rain squalls. The color: same as strong scalding espresso, lemon peel on the side, somewhere in the mountains in the north of Italy.

Ten-ounce cotton-duck canvas. 6 brass grommets for ventilation. Elastic at back to keep this treasure from blowing off your head and into the trees.

Hemingway’s Cap (No. 1537). Sizes: M, L, XL. Price: $39.

(He probably got change from a five when he bought the original.)

Buy one here
- how can you resist copy like that?


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