Yellow Tree House Campaign

The Yellow Pages are working hard to stretch their brand away from their legacy of paper and ink. In the past their marketing effort has been slightly, well, creepy: detatched black hands helping out (doing the walking I guess?).

Their latest campaign seems altogether more promising.

The idea is that 'Tracey', the character in the commercials is going to build a restaurant in the boughs of a redwood tree.

As the project unfolds there will be commercials detailing her progress.

Sounds like fun (if you are a regular, you'll know I love tree houses: Building a treehouse, and a funky lofty endeavour).

The web strategy is nicely integrated and I think it is a good model to learn from. I like that when you leave a comment you get a link back to your own site (which is mighty neighbourly - and good blogging etiquette).

Check it out for yourself


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