Lazy Sunday - On a Monday.

I know I should be working, but it is Labour Day and so, a public holiday. If the public aren't going to work, then neither am I.

I have been whiling away some bandwidth on the New York Times video section. Vicariously wandering around the sights and sounds of lower Manhattan, visiting a dude ranch in the Hollywood Hills, listening to Natalie Portman prattle in a 'screen test', cringing at the seriously excessive eyebrows of the (female) journalist who covers new treatments for breast cancer and marvelling at the movie section when I stumbled across rave reviews of Kaufman's new movie Synecdoche, New York.

Maybe I was swept up in the social proof of the matter. If the readers of the New York Times rate this the movie of the moment, then I shall wait expectantly for it to arrive here in the colonies. Adaptation is one of my favourite films and I enjoyed the strangeness of Being John Malkovich; though I confess to actively disliking Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - I don't know why, perhaps an aversion to Jim Carrie - who has never topped his mugging comic turns in the In Living Color comedy revue.

Philip Seymour Hoffman has outstanding credentials and, from the trailers and clips I have seen of this new film he seems well cast in the role of serious actor who will probably win statues.

Trailer in HD

So, I have a quick tour of some treehouse sites to explore and then, I suppose indolence must give way to enterprise. Though a nap may be in order.


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