Greenie Sees red - Sorry Ollie

Crickey, my observations on the Green Party has prompted a backlash already. I am unrepentant though.

"The usual dope-smoking imagery and toothless old granny in the scene from the 'great leap backwards' are just sad cliches…"

Perhaps, but all good cliches are bound with reality. Nandor Tancoz is an exponent of the ganja Sue Bradford isn't a sweet little girl.

I think I was was even handed in my observation. But I like the term 'The Great Leap Backward' and shall us it remorselessly.

To be clear. I don't have a problem with green concepts and the sustainability agenda. I utterly embrace them. That s why I am pro-nuke power (me and Bishop Montefiore)

From Greenpeace to the Green Party, some of the most prominent environmental groups today made their reputations in the 1970s as opponents of nuclear power. So it was no wonder that greens were vexed last summer when prime minister Tony Blair proposed a new generation of nuclear power plants for Britain to confront the problem of climate change. But what galled them even more was the response to Blair from Hugh Montefiore, a former Anglican bishop and longtime trustee of Friends of the Earth. Writing in the British journal The Tablet in October, Montefiore committed what colleagues viewed as the ultimate betrayal: "I have now come to the conclusion that the solution [to global warming] is to make more use of nuclear energy." When Montefiore told fellow trustees that he planned to speak out, they made him resign his post. From Wired Magazine

The greens are dinosaurs, stuck in their ideological past.

Technology will set us free.


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