Some things can't be summed up in bullet points

Witness -The Way We Live is a research company with a difference. More ethnographers than data collectors.

"Insight into the undercurrents of society are everywhere. It only takes knowing where to look.

Our lens is trained on everyday people and how they connect with the world around them.

We are chroniclers of their essential story, interpreters of their evolving lives-revealing the depth and context of the person who is more than a consumer.

Witness the Way We Live blends strategic planning, ethnography and film making to document the small moments that shine light on the larger truths shaping us."

I came across their site via Simon Law's Another Planning Blog and am blown away by their use of film and storytelling techniques to convey a sense of the audience or a trend. The short film about the new phenomenon of Freeboarding is sensational. I'm inspired. I wonder how this kind of approach could be translated here in New Zealand?

If any of my design research methods students from Massey University are reading this - you have to check it out - it's what we talked about.

If there are any kiwi film-makers out there interested in colloborating on something like this please get in touch.


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