Compare and Contrast - Diesel Fuel for Life music

The use of of music in commercials fascinates me. Vodafone's use of Charlie Parr's 1922 blues is an interesting juxtaposition of contemporary themes with the rustic or tradition. It works because of the contrast.

Sometimes music can also seem utterly perfect and contextually in-sync. I love the music for this commercial for Diesel. (Trio for piano N2 E flat major op 100 Andante con moto - Schubert). Beautifully observed, very sexy new commercial for Diesel Fuel For Life Unlimited - For Women Only.

The music immediately reminded me of Barry Lyndon, the classic, beautifully shot period piece by Stanley Kubrick. Does the Diesel ad refer to it? Maybe a little.
Interestingly the musical director Leonard Rosenman won a 1975 Academy Award for Best Musical Score for adapting the various pieces of baroque and classical music. Ironically, years later, Rosenman expressed bittersweet memories (both of this movie and of Kubrick): "He would shoot take after take needlessly. He just didn't know what he was looking for, until after he found it. Still, he's one of the best friends I've ever had or will have, and I told him so. Thus, for the sake of that friendship, we both agreed never to work together on the same movie again for as long as we lived." (They never did.) - ex Wikipedia.


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