Classic Volkswagen Search

I am trying to locate a classic advertising spoof from the 1960's. It was shot in black and white and featured a round table discussion with some of the ad world's luminaries of the day. They sat around in a stark, somewhat gloomy set discussing the state of advertising while chain smoking. One of the people was called Jeremy and other was a woman with big, black framed glasses. During the show there is a parody of a meeting with a creative person who presents a classic, modernist VW ad (Think Small, or Lemon - can't remember which, art directed by Helmut Krone). The account team proceed to 'improve' the ad with embellishments like star-bursts and pictures of a dealer, some lifestyle happiness until it is satisfactory.

I know there is a print version too - I think it appeared in Communication Arts - remodeling the VW ad until it is set by a stables…

Can anyone help me to locate either… I want to include it in a presentation. I'd be grateful.


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