Green Slime

This clip kind of says it all. Be very sceptical of green messages.
Cool clip for a youth audience. Plenty of clues there for people interested in this category.

The whole 'green' scene is in danger of becoming a farce. Too many band-wagoners and exploiters.

The rise of 'Green' publications and sections withing magazines is a cynical new trend.

Seems the desire to 'make a magazine' overwhelms the desire to seriously address the issue.

Because printed media has to conform to 'folios', pages have to be a certain multiple to be viable. If you have an 80/20 split of editorial to advertising then, if you sell well, you need content. I hate to say it but my friends at HB Media seem to have fallen into this trap with Good Magazine. For example, from the current issue:

Starring in any New Zealand television comedy is a bold move. Bolder still is starring in one with your name on it. But Jacquie Brown is a bold kind of gal. She pulled off the Tv show with aplomb, and does the same with towering heels and frocks from her favourite New Zealand designers.

and then:

Chef, author and television presenter Peta Mathias is almost as well known for her bold, colourful style as she is for her food and travel writing. She was possibly the first person in New Zealand to wear red and pink together on the same day, despite her mother's advice

Pure padding. Nothing to do with the matter at hand.

Worse still, the claim of being Carbon Neutral is bogus. Producing a paper and ink publication fundamentally creates chaos. Off-setting the superficial aspects of production denies the simple fact that magazines thrive on consumption. Spin aside, the purpose of a magazine is to carry ads - the message is 'buy more stuff'. It is symbiotic, an irrefutable ecosystem; one needs the other.I have no objection to advertising, but I don't like it when it is pious.

As far as carbon off-setting goes; I'm sorry, but to me it is the equivalent of the Nazi's sponsoring an equivalent number of Aryan refugee children through UNICEF to balance out the horror of their own actions.

Two wrongs can't make it right, no matter how much cash changes hands.

If you are really interested read John Grant's The Green Marketing Manifesto.


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