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Movie marathons

Odd sized shoes

Birth of an idea.

Go figure

ThoughtSpurs 2

Idealog is Go

O.K. Einstein


It's not about the bike

A reason for peace.

The Empire Strikes Back

Celebrity Roast

Kisses aren't contracts

Much to admire. Little to enjoy.

King of Poop

Mentioned in Dispatches

Under the influence

Old Dog, New Tricks

What's Up Doc?

Where art imitates 'art'

Down so long it looks like up to me

Well, Well, Well

All marketers are liars


O, Canada...

Open Source Marketing


Full Circle

Do what you do do well

Friday Night Miscellany

A rose by any other name

The top is the half way mark

Why Led Zeppelin, Why Now?

Getting to know me

The Melting Pot , Not.

Does my bum look big in this ?

Pining for the Fjords

Crazy as anyplace else.

Branded or brain dead.