A reason for peace.

I wrote an article, published in the New Zealand Herald , about the value of reason in advertising. The news from England demonstrates, again, that the very reasonable expectation we co-exist and value tolerance over violence and hate is harder to come by that one might expect. Even here in remote, pacific New Zealand the backlash against the muslim community is disappointing.

Perhaps I am an idealist (and I hope I always will be) but I still hope that reason can prevail. Acts of terror do nothing to positively affect perceptions. The west also needs to take responsiblity for its behaviour.

I'm no analyst but I wonder if reducing demand for oil products would defuse the molotov cocktail the Middle East seems to be. That way we can leave them to it and get on with our own ways of life and enjoy the differences instead of hating them.

Just an idea....whaddyareckon?


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