Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang, You're dead…

Ok. Let's just say this wasn't the finest moment for either Kiss or Pepsi.
But it does show what happens when marketers try to change the brand narrative. Kids loved Kiss (I did) but Kiss weren't kids. They were what we aspired to.

Putting a kid in the commercial and shoe-horning a Pepsi lyric in the spot was the destroyer (pun intended) of authenticity - i.e. the reason you'd pay the big bucks for big talent.

If you use a successful song - don't mess with it.
if you choose an edgy band - don't homogenise them for the 'family audience'.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Listen or Perish

Bob Garfield, eminent writer for Advertising Age has a new book. The Chaos Scenario. Looks like an interesting read. Better still, the video promo is an interesting watch.

I've ordered my copy (while there is still a publishing industry). It seems a familiar story for anyone with an eye an ear open in the world of social media. But, coming from such a respected source in traditional media - maybe the message won't seem to be a rant from a marginalised disruptor.

Chris Anderson, editor of Wired said "Tales of total industrial collapse have never been so fun! Garfield's analysis of the total disruption of the media industry (and how it may be reborn) is right, prescient and wildly entertaining."

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Are you in the game?

Who doesn't know the Monopoly brand? It is perennial. How would you bring it to life for a new audience or remind those of us who have forgotten how much fun it can be to play that it is still around?

This campaign does a pretty good job of it. While it is relevant and on-brand (ignoring the ordinary and obvious things like digital versions,…yawn - product not brand) it is still engaging and stimulates the idea of being 'in the game'.

The American street names kind of baffle me, but the idea is universal. Especially like the plastic sheen. Nice touch.