It's not about the bike

I tried to read Lance Armstrong's book It's not about the bike but had to give up. It was agonising. While I have enormous respect for Armstrong's achievements his ego build up in my mind like lactic acid in the thighss of a lesser athlete on a hill stage of the Tour de France. Still, Mr Armstrong qualifies as The One & Only. I doubt we'll every see another cyclist as accomplished anytime soon. Overcoming cancer alone would be a personal achievement enough, but winning the Tour seven times is incredible.

The media property I created called Eating Well won a marketing award on Thursday night. I was very proud of the efforts of the team at BrandWorld who have sold the product so well and that the judges suggested we enter all of the products in our portfolio next year.

Development of Idealog, the magazine I am working with HB Media to have live by December is progressing very well. It has been well received by sponsors and advertisers. The core concept of cross-pollination is working well for us. More follows.

How about this (from an article on 60 minutes):


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