Down so long it looks like up to me

I've just watched a terrific DVD. Eric Clapton talking about and performing the music on his tribute to Robert Johnson.
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All of my life I've loved the blues as a musical genre. I've never really understood why it it made me feel better. Until recently that is. I mean, when you're down you have to have some way of releasing it or it's just going to burst a seam somewhere.
For some people excercise works, other find solace in meditation (which I have just begun to try with results ranging from falling asleep to something nearing an ecstatic release. Just learning to quiten down the chatter in my head without distraction is something of a mission).

Clapton's music has given me an idea which I'll be pursuing through this week. I'll keep you posted.

If you're interested in the blues you might also like to check out the music of John Hammond, I have been listening to his album - featuring the songs of Tom Waits Wicked Grin (also produced by Waits). It's hard to believe this guy is white.


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