What's Up Doc?

I have just returned from a charity fundraising lunch. My client Dr Tom Mulholland was the keynote speaker. I have worked with Tom for several years now, off and on, but had never seen him in action.

Tom is a living and breathing example of The One & Only. While his message may not be especially 'original' (Turning life's lemons into lemonade) his personal style and story make the critical difference between being a successful speaker and author and being an also-ran.

When I first met Tom he was the founder of the web start up - DoctorGlobal.com. His vision was to create an online medical consultation service. It mutated into being a powerful database of secure, private health records used by large corporations and institutions. Tom got to the point so many entrepreneurs reach when the time comes to hire a professional manager to run the company. Long story short Tom lost control of his gig and his shareholding in the company he founded was diluted. His wife left.
Things weren't going well for the good doctor.

He fell into a deep depression.

And then one day Tom realised something that changed his life. You'll have to read his book to find out how Dr Tom turned his life around. Now he has a bestselling book, he is a professional, full time speaker, motivator and author. he consults to major corporations and stars in his own daytime show - Dr Tom - The Attitude Doctor.

Tom's genuine, personal character is the thing that sets him apart. He explores the edges of what possible for him and, in the face of apparent disaster draws on a fundamental strength and that carries him through adversity.

It all sounds terribly cheesy, but it is the truth. This Vampire jet flying, tsunami surfing iconoclast is, without any doubt whatsoever The One & Only.

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