Go figure

Took my daughter shopping tonight.
We had dinner out.
Got back home late.
She laid her new clothes out
in neat rows
so she could choose what to wear for tomorrow.
She's 5.
I see her just every second weekend.

How can such incredible errors of judgement (marrying my daughter's mother) result in such a wonderful little human being?

Go figure


  1. Anonymous11:26 am

    Paths cross, people love

    The gift of children, the incarnation of self, is the simplest of pleasures

    Looking into our childrens eyes, connecting with their heart is magnificent reward for supposed error

    If we don't err we don't learn
    If we don't learn we dont grow
    If we don't grow we're not living

    Blunder, boob, slip or bungle
    Errors of judgement are part of our journey...



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