Your number is up

Freaky Friday
Early this morning my old mucker Ollie (yes - he who disagrees with me about the Greens) sent me this message:

The strangest thing happened to me last night -

At about 8pm the electricity suddenly snapped off in the house.
No other houses - just this one.
The kids were with me.
I went to have a look at the fuse box with a torch.
Inside is a digital counter, (as opposed to an old style analog dial) which adds up the electric usage.
It's a standard device used by most houses in NZ.
I looked at the number on the counter as I was about to touch the fuse.
The number was 31770.
That is 'OLLIE' upside down.
I use this number a lot and always have done - it's my number.
I didn't touch the fuses becasue for a moment I thought that's it, my number's up - I may die.
So I called in the neighbour to reset the switch.
He did, and it ticked over to the next number and all the lights came back on.
The chances of this happening are less likely than winning the national lottery on consecutive weeks.
It was really freaky.
Why would this happen?

I was sceptical. So I called him the morning. No he insists it is absolutely true.
Then he sent me the picture above while I was on the phone.

Isn't that very interesting… have you ever had a weird experience?


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