Tree hugging.

I have been too busy to blog. Imagine that.

My daughter would like for me to build a tree house. There is a big old gum tree in the back yard that I have my eye on. We've plundered the library of every book about building treehouses and playhouses. My carpentry is marginal so I'll be relying heavily on the help of David & Jeanie Stiles who seem to be the leading exponents of the craft. Their books are incredible. I love the drawings. I'm fixating about drawing, I know.

I enjoyed seeing Zoe (8) poring over the books, intently reading about brace and bit drills and caulking. I don't even know what caulking is, so I'll be relying on her newfound expertise.

Stay tuned for progress.

We're going to use recycled timbers - of course.

Treehouses & Playhouses You Can Build


  1. David, Hows the treehouse building coming along? We have 2 on our slice of paradise, 1 for the kids & 1 for mum & dad. We too have been following the Yellow Treehouse with great interest - if we would have had the money or the audacity we would have done something like that years ago when we built our 'office in the sky'. Cheers


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