Crossovers - the wrong side of the track.

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A further thought about the Kiri Te Kanawa vs. Westenra spat (which has been one way traffic):

kiri te kanawa in a nice frockWhen operatic sopranos 'crossover' and bring their training to popular music it is time to duck and cover your ears. They make a pigs ear of perfectly good songs and show tunes. Porgy and Bess will never compete with the entertainment value of Chicago, say, for this very reason. Slutty women in a Chicago jail win hands down every time.

I can't even stand the sound of Kiri singing 'Po Kare kare ana'.

So the the debate is academic. Though I don't like the singing style or cynical marketing of Hayley Westenra she has remained mercifully silent over the matter of her assault by the wizened one - who could learn something about poise and dignity from her young rival.


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