Silence can't be differentiated.

I had a coffee with my ex-wife, Natalie,today. Nat has been working for the Lamborghini/Bentley dealership in Auckland. She's a petrolhead from way back. In fact I would go as far to say it is genetic. Her dad worked for one of the big oil companies, owned gas stations and was a pioneer; the first importer of Korean cars to New Zealand. Barry O'Donoghue is as nice a chap as you're unlikely to meet.

Natalie asked me if I'd ever heard a Lamborghini in a confined space. Had to admit that I had not had that pleasure. We cooed, as only petrol heads do about the sound of an Italian GT as one drives through a tunnel. I can only imagine. I told her about the time I took Taylor and Charlie (my ex-partner Lisa the Chiropractor's son) to see the Ferrari Enzo - which was displayed at Continental Cars in Auckland. The queue reminded me of living in London. I don't normally line up for anything - but the boys were keen. The car was impressive, yes, but the highlight of the experience was when staff in the dealership moved a Ferrai in the showroom (which is like an undergorund carpark that isn't actually underground) the sound of a Berlinetta Boxer being blipped inside is something extraordinary.

I was thinking about the way sound of a car affects me. Which made this promotion for the Lamborghini Gallardo seem completely wrong. Bad music. Wrong Music. I wanted to hear the sound. If you are thinking of buying one, then that is a significant driver. As it is presented the Gallaro seems tame, silent. If it is a neutered urban cruiser then the entire Lamborghini brand is a sham.

The best sounding cars I have owned:

Toyota MR2 (Supercharged)
BMW 3.0 csi (manual)+ 635csi (big BMW sixes are sensational on song)
Willys Overland Stationwagon (Hurricane six)
Porsche 944 Turbo (at 140 mph - even over the sound of my hysterical laughter - and no, I have never had a speed ticket in my life).
Ducati 900ss (I know it's not a car, but it sounded effing fantastic)

But I have never owned a V8.

I'd love to build a GT40 replica one day. Or an AC Cobra.

Part of design has to be the sound of things.

Every sense must be catered to.

The sound of silence is nothing.


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