The 900th

This is the 900th episode of ThoughtSpurs. Thats a lot of tapping on a keyboard. Obviously I don't care about typing (though I will never forget my creative director at Rialto asking me - when I was writer - "Dave, why fo you want to type" when, in 1984 I insisted on having a Mac (our sister agency Colenso had the account and I had heard tales that there were boxes of them gathering dust because no one knew what to do with them)… Any way


I was feeling nostalgic so I wondered what mattered most, outside of my personal relationships…

Here's something I have been thinking about:

From the Founders of Idealog:

By Vincent Heeringa, David MacGregor & Martin Bell
Originally published in Idealog #1, page 8

A year ago, when the three founders of Idealog first met, we didn’t plan for a new magazine to be in your hands today. But many good ideas come from lunch. Idealog is no exception. What we did agree on was that there seemed to be a glaring hole for a magazine that understands what it means to create innovation—the excitement of conception, the struggle to bring ideas to market, the agony of good ideas going bad and the satisfaction of successful implementation.
Vincent Heeringa, David MacGregor, Martin Bell

If this were just a magazine for us, it’s fair to say we might have just kept eating and talking. But the idea grew as we identified a much bigger story: the emergence of the global creative economy and the need for New Zealand to step up to the mark in order to be competitive. Whether in traditional industries or the new creative industries, innovation and creativity are the drivers of business. Richard Florida, a US economist, estimates that New Zealand’s ‘creative class’ has grown from 17 percent of the working population in 1992 to 27 percent in 2002. Now they have something to read.

The purpose of Idealog is to inspire those of you who are in the business of ideas. To us, you are the heroes of our economy. Without new ideas, fresh thinking, and a determination to create something from nothing, New Zealand will become little more than a country of bus drivers and bartenders.

We realised early that securing the support of stakeholders in the creative economy is essential to Idealog’s success. We are grateful to our foundation sponsors—AUT University, Telecom, Microsoft, Baldwins and Image Centre—for their support. We are also grateful to the Communication Agencies Association of New Zealand and the Marketing Association. Both organisations have enthusiastically endorsed Idealog and act as cornerstone distribution partners.

We’re developing a creative company that values innovation. We have hired the best talent—people who ‘get it’ and understand the issues facing commercial creatives. We’re also committed to commissioning the best writing, photography and illustration talent to bring the pages alive like no other New Zealand business magazine.

It has been quite a journey so far and there is a long way to go. Are you with us?

Vincent Heeringa, David MacGregor and Martin Bell

I'll stand by that.

Are you with us?


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