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rebranding the ABC
Over on BrandDNA I see the ABC are about to change their logo. I won't call it rebranding because, well, it's changing its logo. I can't really see the point. If the company is static or going backwards it is probably the result of changing media consumption patterns, rather than anything the company has done or not done in the context of broadcasting.

In situations like this the big question a marketer needs to ask is how can the brand make itself more relevant - especially in the context of change in consumer behaviour.

There are plenty of design firms who will be happy to take the cash to create a new skin for an organisation (in the guise of 're-branding') and plenty of ad agencies who will produce a campaign to make the firm seem sexier. But the question remains: what is missing for the consumer?

It is rarely shinier trade dress.


  1. Watched a bit of telly on the ABC last night. Noticed it is no longer calling itself the ABC. It is now ABC-1. Guess they're looking to model themselves on the BBC.


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