Flight of fantasy.

I read a post on Kevin Roberts' blog that I found excessive - a list of improvements he suggests airports around the world should make.

For example

11. Alitalia lands a big sack of government funding along with a visionary team to transform it into the ultimate Italian Lovemark experience.
16. The First Class private studios on Emirates and Singapore Airlines force competitors to upgrade – fast.
17. Airline uniforms dress down from military to smart casual. Air New Zealand through its Zambesi designs is setting the standard.
18. Lounges around the world go for tranquility, openness and space. Think Cathay in Hong Kong. And, while they are at it, ban all big-screen TVs that are always playing CNN, too loud, all the time.
19. Ensure all airport designers study, replicate and incrementally improve the high standard set by Munich.


Now pass me some more lark's tongues in aspic. And I think my Krug is a degree too cold.

You gotta laugh…

By the way, Air New Zealand cabin crew don't universally love the Zamabesi outfits. Impractical, show sweat (it's hard work looking fabulous), uncomfortable. I have it from the source.


  1. Hi David,

    Your link to KRs blog is...amusingly incorrect.

    Try this link instead?

  2. Ooops…link corected. Thanks for the heads-up.

  3. I'm sure I commented a few weeks back about how much I like KR's blog, but also how his poncyness is starting to get me down.

  4. You can take the lad out of Lancashire…(or wherever…)but once you do you'll never get him out of the private box.

    Don't get me wrong, whilst I am taking the piss, I have huge admiration for the war Robert's has reinvented himself. I remember when advertising people said "who is this guy…what does he know know about advertising?" to being the most famous adman in the world - while correctly identifying 'it's not about ads - it's about ideas.'

    Good on him. (But his recollections of luxury resorts and first class lounges makes me feel embarrassed for him).


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