Harpoon Toyota

Images of whales being slaughtered in the Southern ocean continues to be disgusting.
There is no 'scientific' reason to hunt whales. It gives science a bad name.

The New Zealand and Australian governments are failing to do anything substantial.

I've said it before. Harpoon Toyota. Don't buy their products. Send a message to them that, if they are concerned about sustainability, then wield their influence for good.
Failure to take a wider view of the planet's issues means the hybrid cars they produce is a cynical bid for market share.


  1. We're talking about Toyota the car company, right? I guess Honda (or at least, if I remember it correctly) is in need of an applause then. I stumbled onto a blog lately that featured the company's efforts to raise environment awareness. They have this low-budgeted video going around that appealed to a lot of people. I'll be doing more research into it though...They also have something like storybooks for people who test out their eco-friendly vehicles.

  2. Can you please make the connection between whaling and Toyota more transparent. Why Toyota and not any of the other Japanese mega companies? or the Japanese government?

  3. In response to Jason's Question (from blog entry Call me Ishamael - Dec 8:

    Given the Japanese government's active desire to reintroduce commercial whaling - on the grounds of preserving their country's 'culinary tradition' some strategy, other than threatening to ram whaling vessels which will antagonise a section of the public (the Japanese cleverly introduced the Terrorist unspeak when referring to the environmental activists Sea Shepard who threatened to give the whaler Nisshin Maru 'a steel enema' perhaps a different kind of action should be taken. New Zealand and Australia are leading opponents to the Japanese on the International Whaling Commission but official influence only goes so far.

    I suggest a campaign directed at Toyota. Boycott all new Toyota cars, including the hybrids. Let Toyota know they have been symbolically singled out as a leader. If they don't use their influence with Japanese legislators and consumers then their message is simply hollow posing, priapismic promotion. It might sound unfair - but has the US blockade of Cuba - in place since 1962 - been fair on the citizens of that country?

    Go on. Have a non-violent whale of a time. Feel free to target any other Japanese brands.

    Non consumption as force for social change.


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