I have an idea for a children's book. I need to find an illustrator. I think the style should be lyrical and nostalgic with a modern sensibility. Does that make any sense? I like the sensibility of Paula Metcalf and Alexis Deacon. Heaven help the children of the world if I have to do it myself.

This is Itchy Feet the charater I made for my son when he was four. I guess I got itchy feet when I split from his mother and the combination of guilt and too much time resulted in the story of a globetrotting armadillo. But it is a different tale to the one I'm touting now.

New Idea; short films for kids.

What is NZ on Air's number? They must be tired of funding rock videos for cookie cutter bands by now? (I noticed two funded clips on the weekend that promoted cigarette smoking - sneaky and snide. Remind me to complain. Odd that presenters from C4 front anti-smoking ads but C4 itself has no policy on the representation of smoking during the day (at the very least)).


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