You're sure to have heard the expression youngster, right? Well I have encountered a new term that I feel I may have to adopt. Grownster. Now that my son is hot on my heels in the age stakes - he turned 16 yesterday - I feel that I don't want to be defined by the age of my children. You know - "Oh, you have grown up kids, are you, like, a grandparent yet?"

I don't feel 45 at all. Whatever feeling 45 might feel like. Oh, sure I feel erratic heart beats sometimes and monumentally high bloodpressure (you can't feel that), but - by and large - I feel exactly the same way I did when I was 16. I feel differently about things, but physically I feel exactly the same.

I don't look the same. I've gone gray, my hairline is receding and I weigh a full 1/3 more than I did back then. My eyesight is failing. Ok…now I'm starting to feel different.

Read an article on the Brand Strategy Insider about research done by Tivo,

They examined the commercial-viewing habits of some 20,000 TiVo-equipped households, including which ad campaigns are fast-forwarded past by the lowest percentage of viewers. The results, so far, weigh heavily in favor of rational arguments. Relevance outweighs creativity in TV commercials by a lot. The ads on the "least-fast-forwarded" list aren't funny, they aren't touching and they aren't clever.

Last June, the No. 1 least fast-forwarded campaign was for the home gym brand Bowflex.

I love those ads. My favourite is the one with the 50 year old grandmother with the absolutely ripped body.

Proof that age is relative.


  1. I'm not sure if grownster will grow on me. It sounds a bit too odd. Perhaps another term would suffice. Actually, 45 is not that old. I'm in my early twenties and my mom, being in her late forties, looks just like an older sister. It all depends on your state of mind I suppose. If you're starting to feel old, then you will definitely grow old.


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