Thursday, May 29, 2008

Life imitates art

My novel - Vanishing act - prophesises the arrival of a bill to protect the Maui Dolphin.

Today the New Zealand government announced measures to close down fisheries along the west coast of New Zealand. The cost of the move is likely to be 80 million dollars, not counting the effects on families who depend on fishing for their livlihood.

It is a paradox for the Labour government that their decision has such a profound effect on their key constituents.

I also think that it is paradoxical that we have become conditioned to have an exaggerated concern for species facing extinction when extinction is simply a part of life on Earth. It is inevitable that humans will become extinct - we won't be around to observe it, but there is no doubt on the matter. The human collective ego sees itself as central to everything on the planet, but I am not so sure. Don't know what cockroaches chat about but I reckon they have a better chance than us in surviving - their track record is impressive.

Buy my book Vanishing Act. Very timely.

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