Batty casting

I'm ever so slightly baffled. There is a trend in television commercials that I feel shouldn't pass without being noted at least. I'm talking about casting male actors in their early or mid twenties. These chaps have a waxy complexion, dark rings around their eyes, look like they were only very recently released from a really nasty prison. They are dressed in op-shop chic (World/Zambesi). It's really kind of creepy. Oh, I forgot to add they are usually unshaved.

The whole thing is just plain weird.

The best example is for Pink Batts. It is full of these blokes. Actually I like the ad - it makes my daughter laugh like a drain - it's a wonderful sound.

I suppose the oddball world view is no worse than the idealized Aryan style we are all too familiar with or the irritatingly PC one-of-every type casting of government messages that come from the New Zealand Government's propaganda ministry.


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