When the moon is in the seventh house

"Astrology is a primitive belief system made into elaborate pseudo-science. It arrogantly makes humans the centre of the universe.
…It never made sense when it was invented and it makes even less sense now…"

I had a conversation with a friend recently, a Sagittarius. She is intelligent, focused and goal oriented. And yet she seemed to genuinely believe that astrology was valid for her and that her characteristics aren't the product of her own progress in life but the movements and alignments of the planets.

Prof Dawkins points out that Ptolemy's invention (who gets his royalties?) is wrong because new discoveries in astronomy (a valid science) and the earth's rotation has changes so much in the intervening period as to make the original calculations invalid now (as if they ever were).

Hey, astrology is just a diversion. But I wonder whether we're diverting ourselves a little more than is healthy. Perhaps confronting life based on the evidence is more useful than distracting ourselves with 'ideas' like astrology.

Now, if you'll excuse me I have to check some entrails to work out what to wear tomorrow.


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