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I've just added Presentation Zen to the list of my regularly visited posts.
If you make presentations or pitches you'll find this site useful.

I remember being sent to my first presentation skills workshop when I worked for Rialto Advertising in the 80s. They flew a honcho down from New York and put us up in the Sheraton for a couple of days. It was fun. I learned a lot - especially that hoary old chestnut 'Tell 'em what you're going to tell 'em…Tell 'em…then tell 'em what you told 'em'. Makes me laugh now to think that the more senior staffers who attended had an almost complete aversion to being told how to make presentations. After all they'd been doing it for years (never mind that they'd been doing it badly). One of the key ideas was that it takes practice and rehearsal to put a tight pitch together. I can recall more than one pitch where none of the agency's department's really knew what the other was going to say (or do).

If you're interested check out Presentation Zen.
Get a copy of Maggie Eyre's new edition of Speak Easy: The Essential Guide to Speaking in Public and Jon Steele's Perfect Pitch


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