Luck be a lady

As it's Friday night here's an amusement (via Idealog weekly).

The Special Projects Idea Generator from The Directors Bureau.

It's fun for a few minutes but the novelty wears off rather quickly. I felt a little like one of those people who sit infront of a one armed bandit feeding the mortgage money into the slot.

My final randomised idea generator was 'miniature invisible magazine'- sounds like Unlimited magazine (did I say that out loud?).


  1. Anonymous7:43 am

    David - that last comment was uncharacteristically acidic (and probably a little unfair).

    I write for Unlimited and don't think it can be written off as casually as you do.

    Just an observtion and all...

  2. Ben, you're probably right. I was just being flippant. I could have made the same joke about Idealog. Nothing personal - a little partisan perhaps…

    IMHO Idealog should absorb Unlimited I don't think there is enough meat on the advertising bone for both to gnaw on. I think the standard of journalism in Unlimited is high - i don't read it often because the subjects don't interest me enough - all a bit middle manager for my taste.

  3. Anonymous8:03 pm

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