I remember reading about the Atom for the first time in the English CAR magazine. I might also have seen it in a segment on Top Gear. I'd love to drive one.

Check out this commercial from the UK Hondamentalism campaign (check it out online). It's nice to see that the idea of a 'brand' campaign still exists - an ad campaign that doesn't tout a particular product. I like the way that everything is integrated without being a monotonous litany.

I like the curiously American - laid back voice over (reminds me of the old Bartles and James winecooler commercials

"Is that necessary?

Do you really need that?

…That roof

…That door

…That windscreen

Getting the most out of what you've got

Using only what you really need."

I agree with the sentiment too.
I wonder if the perception persists that Honda is for old people after exposure to this campaign.


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