I had to have it

Well, I'm not sure I should be doing the heavy lifting for Sarah Jessica Parker's new fragrance. But I have to admit: I really like this commercial.

It has attitude. It is fun. It is bold and spirited (but not mean-spirited in that lame post-modern way).

I like that the narrative ends with the character taking responsibility for her actions "I had to have it…" (with a smile).

And I like that it was directed by Jean Paul Goude (the man who invented Grace Jones and created the spectacular event for the French 300 year anniversary of their popular revolution). In the short 'making of' video you get to see him sketching out a storyboard image - which reminded me of a book …jungle fever?…that showed his sketches and storyboards for commercials and videos. Très Magnifique!.

You see? Fashion advertising doesn't have to be banal.


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