A time and a place for everything

Some years ago I came up with a new concept for television advertising. it was quite different. I didn't think that an advertising agency was the right place to take it. So I approached a television production company. I had a meeting with a senior producer at this well known firm. I pitched my concept to her. She checked her watch, threw back her long red hair, uncrossed her long, expensively stockinged legs, stood up and informed me that I was wasting my time. I felt she really meant I was wasting hers.

It was 'too different'…'too new'.

In spite of their history of success making documentaries, TV commercials and even feature films the company folded soon after. Not in the public, spectacular way that Silverscreens went down but more with the wheezy farting sound of dog fed on a partial vegetable diet (I nicknamed Oscar my Bouvier des Flandres 'whoosh' for that reason).

I took no pleasure in their failure and don't assign any significance to the hex I projected onto them and their deflation.

I dusted off my concept the other day and realised that the mid nineties probably weren't the time for it. The convergence of technology: TV / Internet / SMS means its time may well have come.

I wonder where the redhead is working now?


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