Bunny boiler…simmering

The much admired Sony Bravia 'Balls' commercial was something of a watershed in communications. I can't think of another single ad this side of the millennium that jutted through the clouds of mediocrity - the barrage of the banal; maybe it was the swansong for the broadcast era. Even ramping the hype up with the 'Explosions' sequel didn't have the same impact as the original.

Speaking of hype there's a new Bravia ad in the pipeline. How do I know? Because Sony are hyping it themselves. I've talked about this before. It's not enought to have a big bang commercial. You have to create a sense of anticipation. Who'd have thought in the era of txt messaging and PSPs that kids and adults alike would be queuing into the night for the first release of the last Harry Potter book (that's right, I said book). Like The Deathly Hallows Sony are working the room. The rabbit seems likely to disappear down the hole. Check out the website. Find out what they are twittering about...

It will be interesting to see if Fallon can recapture the charm of the original.

Form an orderly queue.


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