Sustainable Design

The conversation about sustainability in design is gathering momentum. This panel discussion reflects some of the ideas I've discussed on the blog.

One of the thoughts I especially relate to is the idea that we should design systems that reduce waste and unnecessary consumption. You can't save the planet by buying a Prius (I'm sorry if I seem fixated by the Prius - it's symbolic - nothing personal).

I wonder if there is an opportunity for one of the big hardware chains to set up a network of neighbourhood tool lending libraries. Community clubs together - members pay a joining fee to have access to the latest, well maintained tools from lawn mowers to DIY essentials. Members would pay a hire fee when they needed the tools. They could also have access to seminars and workshops about energy saving, safety, DIY techniques, gardening etc. The system would be managed online and the community could form a community (and network of communities)....With 200 well equipped cells in the community all with the latest, most efficient equipment the store would probably make a lot more money from amateurs and prosumers and not affect the trade customer business. Establishing relationships through regular conversations would open many more opportunities to trade.

Just a ThoughtSpur. What other areas could a web 2.0 communal model make a difference.


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