The TV Guide …Gospel

You may not realise it but the Catholic Church is very now. Now and then.

In 1958 Pope Pious XII, the Bishop of Rome declared St Clare of Assisi to be the Patron Saint of Television. She has other duties as well including watching over: embroiderers, eye disease, gold workers, good weather, needle workers, telegraphs, telephones, and television writers.

Um...eye disease? My mother, in her all her folkish wisdom, would tell me that, if I watched too much television I would get square eyes, so I can see a connection. I suppose, if you think about it gold workers, needle workers and embroiderers all have an eye-care thread…

I wonder if widescreen plasma TV not only brings you closer the action but also closer to God? Or the iPhone, perhaps...?

Did Pious XII pre-empt Kevin Roberts' SiSoMo edicts (if you visit the SiSoMo web site - does it strike you as curious that the opening Flash graphics are silent? …or SiMo…)


  1. Anonymous6:26 pm

    What I'd like to know is how much of KR's prodigious output comes from his pen/keyboard and how much from his plethora of underlings.

    Does anyone else think that KR is starting to ring a little hollow or am I just jaded by traditional (and for that matter non-traditional) marketing?


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