Impossible is possible

Kevin Roberts comments on the world from the lofty heights of his offices in New York City, regaling us with rarefied experiences from 40,000 - feet flying first class between London and Barcelona. He shares his love of Rugby from the privilege of a corporate box, rather than the rain soaked terraces...
He loves art and comments on it often (but must be driven nuts by the fact that Charles Saatchi owns the territory).

Anyway…I enjoy reading his posts in the same way I like looking in the window of the Lamborghini dealer on the Great North Road…it's interesting but remote.

Speaking of Charles Saatchi, I noticed that Mr Roberts referred to his agency as The Lovemarks Company...could a change of name be in the wind? Or was he simply playing fast and loose with a venerable trademark in the world of advertising - a Lovemark even? (There's a chapter in the book by Ivan Fallon The Brothers: The Rise & Rise of Saatchi & Saatchi called 'A Bloody Good Name' - from memory - loaned it to the late Paul Jeffreys and never saw it again...

All that aside the reason for this post is that I have to take exception to 'KR's notion of 'Nothing is Impossible'.

Ever tried to lick your own elbow?


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