Get frocked

sharapova in a red sequened Nike dressTennis changed back in the days of Ivan Lendl when colour began to find its way into the player's kit.

Maria Sharapova has taken it to a whole new level - wearing a little red sequined frock at the US open.

It's a terrific development. It adds interest to the game. It is another example of how creative juxtapositions make life interesting.

US Open on Google News


  1. Sadly the introduction of colour coincided with the introduction of grunting. A trend I could definitely live without.

  2. Yes, the grunting is hardly strawberries and cream is it? I think John McEnroe probably made that slope slippery first.

    Ever notice that Tiger Woods doesn't have any affectations - other than winning!

  3. I love Mac. Leave him alone. As for Tiger, he is the most photgenic piece of Nike branding ever.

    Almost every time you see a photo of him he is wearing a cap with Nike swoosh or a shirt or both. Very subtle branding, but then Tiger is a very subtle guy.


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