Blog-Blur Mistaken Identity

I had a case of blog-blur yesterday. Posted a comment on Jason Kemp's excellent blog - which is focused mainly on CRM at which he is expert - but started the post'Ben...' in a moment of lapse-thinking I was addressing Ben Kepes who's blog I also follow - Ben is Mr Software as a Service (SaaS). So my apology goes to both. Jason corrected my error.

It raises an interesting point. I may have addressed the person wrongly but I addressed their post directly and used my own identity.

I don't like 'anonymous' posts on the web. Information that doesn't come from a source that is prepared to be identified has to be taken with a grain of salt. Or ignored. If a credible person offers information but requests they remain anonymous that is a different matter again. Curated anonymity.

Who said - 'on the Internet you own your own words'? S/he was right.

I stand by everything I say on this blog and elsewhere. If I am wrong and subsequently corrected then I will acknowledge the fact openly (a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds).

In most cases it is simply my opinion and of little consequence in the global context. And, in any case, I am open about the intention of spurring your own thoughts, rather than asking you to adopt mine as your own.


  1. Thanks David,

    An easy blur - given that I am also involved with SAAS - I just don't write about it much.

    There are other exciting things happening like newpapers / media models melting down, great books to read, worlds to change and children to inspire.

    I try to read several hundred RSS feeds whenever I can and it is easy to lose track of exact location.

    Thanks again for the kinds words.


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