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Watching a teleplay called 'Stealing Beauty'. Set in the reign of Charles 1 (who inflicted on us the dreadful King Charles Spaniel). Claire Danes plays the role of a dresser who longs to be an actress - and wonders why women are forbidden from playing Shakespeare's female characters.

As the film progresses dirty old man Charles revokes the law banning women.

Claire is a hit.

The man she replaces finds redemption as, well, …a man.

The headline for this post comes from a remark made by the fellow during rehearsal.

I thought it was profound.

As was this:

She: "You almost killed me

He: "I did kill you. You just didn't die"

She: "Why not?"

He:"Because we only got the death scene right…"

I also laughed as the former 'female' actor, as Othello, suffocates the new Desdemona (flat chested) Danes with the 'pillow'(padding) of his former incarnation.

Reality kills artificiality with its own prop - though the twist is that the 'real' is the former impostor.

My head hurts now.

As a footnote: Claire Danes is a Shakespearean legend. Her portrayal of Juliet alongside Leonardo de Caprio brought the whole genre back to life. (Romeo and Juliet dir: Baz Lehrmann).


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